Awakening_Palm Sunday: A Second to None Parade!

Read Psalm 118: 1-2, 19-29 & Luke 19: 28-40

Questions for Reflection

1. You likely know the story of Palm Sunday, having heard it over the years in worship. What about Luke’s version of the story piques your curiosity? What’s new or missing? Any parade images from your past come to mind?

2. In liturgical traditions like ours, Palm Sunday can also be celebrated as Passion Sunday where we focus on Jesus crucifixion instead. How would that feel to you? When worshippers celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter the next Sunday with nothing in-between, there are missing chapters from this story. Why are Maundy Thursday and Good Friday so important? If we resist them, why?

3. Some of the Pharisees weren’t too happy about the parade and robust crowd, ordering that Jesus silence them. Ponder Jesus’ confident response, ‘if these were silent, the stones would cry out.’? Wonder what the “establishment” thought of that zinger?

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