Choir 3-18 3Sunday School Singers

Children in grades kindergarten through six are invited to sing in this choir. They rehearse on Sunday mornings in room 7 of the Sunday School wing. After their rehearsal, director Mary Ann Kooning  or assistant director Alaina Kuehn  accompanies the choir members to the Sanctuary where they sit with their families until after the children’s time when they are dismissed for Sunday School. The Junior Choir sings once a month at the traditional worship service during the school year.

Children’s Choir, “Arky, Arky:”

2013-3-17 Children’s choir, Arky, Arky

DCF 1.0Angel Choir

The preschool children sing with director Jenny Cook as part of their Sunday School experience. Every few months, they delight the congregation with their music during 10:00 worship.

Angel Choir on Easter, “Allelu:”

3-31-13 Alleleu by Angel Chior