Leadership at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church


Administrative Committees

The Church Council envisions, discerns, and guides the overall ministries of the church. They hold the “big picture” before the congregation, as well as giving guidance to the administrative work of the church (property, finances, personnel). The Administrative Council meets every month at this time. Mark Bernal is the current chair.

The Committee on Lay Leadership is the “nominating committee” of the church. They nominate leaders to serve in various leadership positions at the church.  This Committee meets in the fall prior to electing new leaders at an annual Charge Conference in the fall to begin their terms January 1. They meet other times of the year as needed to fill vacancies. The pastor chairs this committee.

The Finance Committee is responsible for administering the finances of the church, based upon the instructions of the Church Council and Charge Conference.  The Finance Committee gives oversight to all financial matters in the church including the work of the Treasurer, and Financial Secretaries, financial policies, and annual audit. Committee meets monthly. Jef Baker is the current chair.

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee is responsible for matters pertaining to the relationship between the congregation and the pastor and the paid staff.  The committee serves as the “personnel committee” of the church, generally meeting once a month. They make salary recommendations for paid staff, and make annual recommendations to the Bishop regarding clergy leadership needed. Jerry Iervolino is the current chair.

The Board of Trustees responsibility is primarily to look after the property of the church. The trustees also receive and direct undesignated gifts or bequests to the church.  The Trustees are the legal entity of the church. Linda Rudawitz is currently chair.

The Endowment Committee of the church consists of six persons and is charged with managing the financial portfolio of the church’s endowment funds. The committee recommends to the Church Council distributions from these restricted and designated funds. This committee meets quarterly. Wade Mosby is currently chair.

The Lay Leader of the church is the “public face” of the laity of the church, representing the church in any official capacity or ceremonial occasion. The Lay Leader also plays a key role in providing overall guidance and direction to the ministry of the church. Larry Zurcher is the current Lay Leader.

Lay Members to Annual Conference represents the church at the annual gathering of equal numbers of lay and clergy members of all the United Methodists in Oregon and southern Idaho.  This meeting happens each June in Salem, and once every 4 years in Idaho.  The Conference lasts 3 days, from Thursday through Saturday. Eric Carlson is our current member.

Ministry Committees

The Worship Committee cares for the worship life of the church and all matters relating to worship:  music, ushers, acolytes, communion preparation, and more. Ann Hageman currently chairs this committee.

The Education Committee organizes and supervises the total church program for nurturing faith, building Christian community and equipping people of all ages to fulfill the mission of the church. Wendé Milner is currently chair.

Membership Connection facilitates human connections with our church’s faith community. They seek to ensure the church is welcoming and invitational  They are involved with hospitality and welcoming of newcomers and guests. Barbara Iervolino is current chair of this committee.

Health Care Ministries seeks to bring a holistic perspective to health issues at LOUMC and through LOUMC a connectedness to the community. They provide educational events on health and related topics, provide blood pressure checks once a month, store and loan durable medical equipment to the congregation and promote healthy lifestyles in many ways. Judy Orem chairs the committee.

The Outreach Committee helps the church fulfill its vision and to help build an ethic of service throughout the church by stimulating concern for, and meaningful action on, local and worldwide humanitarian and social justice issues. Janice Denney is currently chair.

The Inclusiveness Committee helps our congregation to be intentional about enabling full and equal participation of all persons in the life of the church, and to inspire and coordinate efforts to help our congregation experience and reflect the inclusive community of God.

The Covenant Relationship Committee (Red Hearts) raises funds to support our church’s relationship to a long-term missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries. This committee generally meets only in the fall.

The Stewardship Committee is charged with organizing and conducting the church’s annual fundraising effort each fall. They report to the Finance Committee.