We offer opportunities for people of all ages to connect and learn, to share interests, and to help others. There are groups that meet regularly - weekly or monthly - and others that meet only a few times each year. We think you will find that there is a group that matches your interests and needs!

If you would like assistance finding a group to connect with at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church, please take a few minutes to fill out the new Survey Form, or call the Church office, 503-636-8423.



A Few Ways to Connect within the Church

Go on a hike with the women's hiking group * Serve coffee during our fellowship time * Go to a Blazers' game with the Men's Group * Usher during worship services * Enjoy food and fellowship at lunch bunch * Provide flower arrangements for the altar * Join the craft group * Help maintain the church grounds and buildings * Serve on a program committee * Help in the kitchen * Volunteer in the church office * Teach Sunday School * Work with the youth groups * Work with the Transitional Apartment

We would like to know about your interests, and talents that you'd like to offer to help the Church. Please take a few minutes to fill out the Survey Form