Update: July 25, 2017 - 2020 VISION Continues!

Open Letter to our Amazing Congregation!

As we close out the first six months of the 2020 VISION Campaign I think back on where we started and how far we have come! In January, Pastor Rolfe called me to ask if I would lead a capital campaign to reduce or eliminate the mortgage debt remaining on the Christian Activities Center. We would need to form a team and begin to meet and partner with an outside firm, Horizons Stewardship, who had extensive experience in helping congregations create successful campaigns.
By the end of February our Leadership Team was formed. We had had countless hours of training, meetings and planning, supported by other church members and our staff. By the end of March we had developed the campaign theme and logo and the eight working team leaders had added many members to help with the effort. In April we experienced Gratitude Sunday (complete with 2020 glasses, an original song and video capturing cardboard testimonies of many of the joys of attending LOUMC).
In May we had Ministry Sunday and our Celebration event. What excitement to learn that more than half of our $1.1 million goal had been pledged already! We threw a great party and enjoyed food and fellowship, music and a chance to honor and hear from some of our more experienced members. Who could forget the meaningful message delivered by our own Pat Lockard? In June we had Prayer Sunday complete with a prayer walk. We then had Commitment Sunday and our First Fruits offering; at that point, funds received to date for the campaign reached nearly $200,000!
Finally, on July 2nd we announced that despite many commitment cards outstanding we had pledges in hand of $1,003,000 – what a prayerful and resounding response to the campaign prayer of “Lord, what do You want to do through me?”!
The Holy Spirit has truly been at work here at LOUMC – we are so blessed to have such broad support from our church family. In the months to come (remember, it is a three-year campaign) we promise to keep you informed, not only on the numbers but also how we are able to increase our ministry as we reduce and ultimately eliminate the mortgage debt.
I offer my heartfelt thanks to all of the teams and volunteers who have helped with the campaign effort so far. I also ask you to join me in praying for those who continue to support our campaign as we enter the next phases of our three-year journey. We still have work to do but we know this is God’s work.

Thank you for all you have done to make LOUMC a place to connect to God, to each other and to the


 Capital Campaign for Lake Oswego United Methodist Church

Lord, what do You want to do through me?

In the  1990's our church had a vision of a Christian Activities Center that would become a gathering place for our church family and the community. Through the vision and generosity of many, the "Plant a Vision: Build a Dream" campaign brought us a wonderful building that houses everything from worship to pickleball! But a significant debt remains.

The goal of the 2020 VISION capital campaign is to retire our debt by the year 2020, freeing almost $100,000 per year to be used for expanded ministries and outreach! Each one of us has a part in this effort to "see the dream fulfilled!" We ask you to pray each day and ask, "Lord, what do You want to do through me?" Learn about the campaign and be open and willing to hear what God has planned for you at LOUMC.

LOUMC Capital Campaign - Spring 2017

Lake Oswego United Methodist Church is focused on mission: to be the expression of God's love through ministry to needs within our church family, to the community and to the world. We are a community called to make loving connections with all people. To this end God is leading us to a new level of commitment for our financial resources through a capital campaign.

Eighteen years ago, we completed and commissioned our Christian Activities Center. This signature addition to our campus has provided needed facilities to enable worship services, large group meetings and a professional kitchen supporting meals and potlucks. The Christian Activities Center also provides space for recreation/youth activities, dedicated child care and choir rooms and a transitional apartment serving the needs of our community.

We continue to experience and enjoy all of these benefits but significant debt remains. For many years, loan payments have been made through our annual budget; however, various circumstances hindered our capacity to deal directly with our debt. Your Finance Ministry and Church Council believe it is time to eliminate this debt. The remaining debt currently stands at $1.1 million with annual payments of $95,000. This amounts to about 20% of our annual budget, and in 2016 $45,000 of those payments simply went toward payment of interest. A successful capital stewardship program will allow us to redirect our financial resources to more fully and faithfully fulfill our mission and thereby have an expanded impact on the lives of people we are called to serve.

Our Christian Activities Center is a fabulous facility, well used by the community and congregation. Now, however, is the time to complete our project and establish a legacy of a debt-free campus. An even more fundamental motivation as faithful stewards of our financial resources will be to "free up" resources to further our ability to pursue mission and ministry. A successful capital stewardship program will allow us to redirect our financial resources to more fully and faithfully fulfill our mission and thereby have an expanded impact of the lives of people we are called by God to serve. This is a genuine Vision Initiative: grow in the fulfillment of our purpose with greater outreach and more ways to express God's love.

We recognize that many needs cry out for immediate attention beyond ourselves. To respond to some of those conditions, we will provide givers the option to faithfully tithe 10% of their total commitment toward the campaign to fund any of the various ministries LOUMC supports. These ministries include UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief), the UMC Mission in Ketchikan, Alaska, Habitat for Humanity and Operation Night Watch. We are committed to service, and this is one way we will continue to follow and demonstrate our priorities.

We are a blessed community, but where there is great blessing there is commensurate responsibility. We have a challenge before us, but it will be met by the concerted efforts of our entire community. This is God"s church and God's call upon us in this moment. LOUMC will rise above and beyond these challenges and those ahead. We will be surprised by the ways God provides for us, as we provide for others.

Learn about the Vision that is 2020 VISION!


Click here to see our Vision Brochure.

Join us as we pray each day: "Lord, what do You want to do through me?"


Gratitude Sunday April 23, 2017

Generosity is grounded in gratitude, revealed in prayer and lived in faith.

On Gratitude Sunday, we were reminded of the many people, activities and ministries at LOUMC for which we are thankful! We enjoyed an inspiring video, donned our 2020 glasses and heard a new, original song from Wayne Richards. 

2020 VISION Gratitude Video

Prayer Sunday – April 30, 2017

Prayer Sunday was an opportunity to silently visit different areas of the church to meditate and pray for the ministries that happen there. The congregation broke into 7 groups with guides to take them around to the diffferent stations. Many commented that they had never to been to some parts of the church and were glad to have an opportunity to go and reflect on our church and all that happens here. The locations were:

The Sanctuary – The Body of the Church

The Front Doors – The Open Arms of the Church

The Administrative Wing – The Brain of the Church

The Sunday School Rooms – The Future of the Church

The Music Room – The Voice of the Church

The Transitional Apartment – The Hands & Feet of the Church

The Christian Activities Center – The Heart of the Church


2020 VISION 21 Day Devotional Guide

We hope you will pray along with us for the next 21 days (beginning April 30) following our 21 Day Devotional Guide. 

You can receive this guide in your email box by emailing Pam Pearson or changing your email preferences in you QuickNews.

There are also a limited number of printed copies of the devotional available at the church, or you can view or print it here.