Psalm 84: 1-11

Questions to Consider

1. What qualifies as “Worship” for you and why?
2. Consider worship experiences at both our church and other churches you have visited. What makes Worship vital, memorable, or life-changing? Share your worship ideas with us!
3. Talk about five sensory worship.
4. For whom/what group is our worship designed? Hear more about our forming Worship Design Teams.
5. How might our worship reach 21st century Millennials, ‘nones’ or ‘dones’ for Christ? What if it called for an enhancement of our current worship services or an exciting new service?

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Hebrews 4: 12-13; II Timothy 2:15; Romans 12: 2

Consider the following questions in preparation for the sermon:

1. What do you know about how the Bible came together? Might this affect your reading of it?
2. How would you describe your relationship with the Bible? Do you read it and how often? Why read the Bible? What are your biggest obstacles to reading/studying Scripture?
3. Consider study aids such as Bible dictionaries, concordances and commentaries, maps, video reenactment of Scripture etc… What has been helpful to you?
4. How do you interpret Scripture? The Inerrant Word of God? God-breathed yet human transcribed, allowing for error? How do United Methodists read Scripture? Talk about Biblical authority.
5. Since there are different kinds of literature in the Bible, how might this impact our reading/interpretation.
6. Consider different uses of Scripture: meditation, prayer, study, song, poetry etc…

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“Of all the spiritual disciplines, it is the discipline of prayer that brings us into the deepest and highest work of the human spirit. Real prayer is life-creating and life-changing.”

Richard Foster (Quaker), The Celebration of Discipline

Mark 1: 32-39; 1 Corinthians 3:9
Questions for Consideration:
1. What is the purpose of prayer? Do you believe prayer really changes things?
2. Who was/has been your strongest prayer model in life?
3. Talk about the key Richard Foster prayer quote that Pastor Michelle shared in her sermon. What would happen if you took it to heart?
4. What are your greatest challenges with prayer? What would help?

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Luke 10:38-42; Ephesians 2:8

Guiding Questions:
1. Scripture makes a case for ‘salvation by faith alone,’ yet it speaks regularly of ‘good works.’ So, which is it? Or is it both?
2. How is Luke’s story of Jesus’ good friends, Mary and Martha representative of this tension?
3. Grace is about relationship and based on love, yet there are subtle dangers in practicing our new life of love and grace. Good things go askew when humanity decides what it means to live as ‘Christian.’ For example…
4. Which ‘means of grace’ seems easiest or most challenging for you? Are there other practices you would add to either list?
5. What might sabotage your efforts to ‘grow deeper in love and grace’ with God and others? How might you combat it?

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Mark 16:15
“Go into the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

2020 VISION Announcement Day! Click below to hear Jeff Mattern, chair of the 2020 VISION campaign share the totals of commitments made to our capital campaign thus far as well as the amount of the First Fruit offering!

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