Me, Sacrifice?

Romans 12:1-31

Sermon Notes:
1. When have you benefited by self sacrifice?
2. How does God’s love help you understand sacrifice?
3. What do you think of when you hear about giving of your self?

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What’s New

Celebration Sunday and Confirmation Sunday

The Revelation 21: 1-6

Sermon Notes:

  1. What seems old or worn out to you?
  2. What new thing restores joy to your heart?
  3. How do you feel when waiting for something new?
  4. How does your confidence in Christ give you hope?

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What’s the Purpose of Ministry?

John 15:9-171

Sermon Notes:

  1. Are there particular lessons that you learned from your Mother?
  2. How have these insights shaped your life?
  3. What helps you stay focused on the purpose of our ministries?
  4. List some of the services/ministries that you are involved in?

The 2020 VISIONCampaign is to equip LOUMC to follow Jesus’ command to love one another.

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Prayer Sunday – Revealed in Prayer

Prayer Walk

You are asked to follow a guide silently and meditatively throughout six locations of the church.

Start: Sanctuary: THE BODY OF THE CHURCH

Station 1: Front Doors: THE OPEN ARMS OF THE CHURCH

Station 2: Administrative Wing: THE BRAIN OF THE CHURCH

Station 3: Sunday School Rooms: THE FUTURE OF THE CHURCH

Station 4: Music Room: THE VOICE OF THE CHURCH

Station 5: Transitional Apartment: THE HANDS AND FEET OF THE CHURCH

Station 6: Christian Activities Center: THE HEART OF THE CHURCH


Shall We Gather at the River?
John Carter (Performed by the Chancel Choir)

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Your Attitude of Gratitude

Luke 17:11-19
Sermon Notes:
1. What does it mean that Jesus has already “cleansed” all of us?
2. Why do you think only one returned to say thank you to Jesus?
3. How are ways that you are convinced of one’s gratitude?
4. Where are you on this scale between less appreciative…extravagantly grateful?
5. What mindset goes along with being extravagantly grateful?

Wayne Richards

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What the Church Does

John 11:1-7, 32-44
Sermon Notes:
1. The focus of this sign is not Lazarus but Jesus, who raises the dead.
2. If you had crossed over to the “other side” would you want to return?
3. Do you have “if only” attitudes that haunt you?
4. How can these be resolved by the Resurrection?

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Blinded By the Light

John 9:1-34
Sermon Notes:
1. How is anger a helpful and harmful emotion?
2. What causes spiritual blindness?
3. Can you say, “I once was blind but now I see!”
4. What does this declaration mean to you?

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Jesus is Thirsty

John 4: 5-29
Sermon Notes:
1. Who might you talk with about your beliefs?
2. Could you ask a friend if they would like to pray with you?Why, or why not?
3. What distracts you enough to “leave your jar”?
4. Can you draw water for Jesus?

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