Christopher Rust

Chris is the Chancel Choir director at LOUMC as well as the choral director at Sunset High School in nearby Beaverton. He has a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in theory and composition from Arizona State University and a Master of Educational Administration from Lewis and Clark College.  In addition to teaching and directing, Chris is an avid composer and has received commissions from public schools, community and church choirs, ballet studios and private businesses. Chris is not only a great director, but the Chancel Choir also appreciates the education he provides. His young age and enthusiasm is reflected in how the choir responds to him.

Chris has this to say about the choir: “I enjoy working with singers who actually listen when I speak and do what I ask – the first time! I also love working with adults of various ages and abilities and the results that we achieve.” Chris lives in Lake Oswego with his wife, Elissa, and three talented children.