Kingdom Living

Selections from Matthew 6

Guiding Questions

1. Describe your feelings when the church begins the Annual Fall Stewardship Campaign. Is your first instinct to stay home with the morning paper and a cup of coffee and/or do you come, hoping to be inspired and challenged anew OR none of the above! If you were the preacher, how might you handle this time of year?
2. What does it mean: “Seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first and ‘all these things will be added unto you?” Do we really believe this? What exactly is ‘all these things” anyway? In Kingdom living, how do we discern a want from a need?
3. How does our living reflect a “Kingdom of God” within? What are our growing edges?
4. What might it mean for both individuals and the church to live from a model of abundance vs. scarcity not just in finances but in all things?


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