Life Enriching Practices of United Methodists Part 2: Growing in Grace

Luke 10:38-42; Ephesians 2:8

Guiding Questions:
1. Scripture makes a case for ‘salvation by faith alone,’ yet it speaks regularly of ‘good works.’ So, which is it? Or is it both?
2. How is Luke’s story of Jesus’ good friends, Mary and Martha representative of this tension?
3. Grace is about relationship and based on love, yet there are subtle dangers in practicing our new life of love and grace. Good things go askew when humanity decides what it means to live as ‘Christian.’ For example…
4. Which ‘means of grace’ seems easiest or most challenging for you? Are there other practices you would add to either list?
5. What might sabotage your efforts to ‘grow deeper in love and grace’ with God and others? How might you combat it?

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