Lake Oswego United Methodist Church ("Church") traces its beginnings to a Sunday School founded in 1852 that met under a fir tree on Furnace Street in Lake Oswego (then known as Oswego). In 1854, Oswego Methodist Church was formed, with Rev. S. M. Berry as Pastor.

The  Church met in the homes of members. In 1890, the Church began meeting in a three-room building (which also served as a school), located at the corner of State and Middlecrest Streets, the present-day location of the Lakewood Center For The Arts.  In 1894, a lot was purchased next to that building and a church building was constructed. In 1929, the Church building was moved to 156 Greenwood, where it was remodeled.

The church on Greenwood Road

The Church was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon on July 25, 1929.  The Church's present location on South Shore Boulevard was purchased in 1959, with a new building completed at the site shortly thereafter. An education wing was added in 1964. On October 14, 1968, soon after the United Brethren and Methodist Churches United, the Church changed its name to Lake Oswego United Methodist Church.

A parcel of land adjacent to the Church site was purchased in 1989 to provide additional space for parking. The most recent construction, in 1999, is the Christian Activities Center adjacent to the Sanctuary.

How We've Grown and Changed

Today, Lake Oswego United Methodist Church has grown into a vibrant, active church of 650, made up of people of all ages. Sunday centers around two different styles of worship at our informal and traditional services, as well as Christian education opportunities.  But the Church is active beyond Sunday morning and beyond our walls.  We invite you to come join us and to find a way of expressing and deepening your faith that is meaningful for you.