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A Prayer Wall for Lent

Prayer Wall for Lent

            In Jerusalem, people from around the world come to pray at the Western Wall, which was part of a retaining wall of the Temple Mount in Jesus’ day, built by Herod the Great. It is a place where people leave written prayers to God (more than a million prayer notes each year) tucked into the cracks between the stone blocks that make up the wall.

            On one of the pillars in our Fellowship Hall, Karen Locke has created a simulation “Western Wall.” She and Ann Hageman, Cathy Vause, and Haley Vause put the “Wall” in place for our use during Lent. You are invited during the season of Lent to come to the “Wall” any time, write down a prayer to God on one of the cards in a basket near the wall, and tuck your prayer in between the “stones” of the wall.

            May Lent be a season of prayer for you, and may our prayers be joined together at the Prayer Wall, as we walk the journey with Christ toward Jersulalem, the Cross, and the Resurrection.

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